Hello 2015!

Australian artist Belinda stanton

Happy New Year!

Thought I might celebrate the new year with a blog post… (before we enter February ;)  ) Towards the end of last year I was just so busy that some things had to slip a little and unfortunately my blog suffered.

I had such an amazing year last year. Thanks guys for hanging in there with me :) I’ve seen you on my instagram account and on etsy. Your support has been invaluable. Putting on an exhibition last year was a big learning curve. I’m still really at the beginning of my artistic journey. All I know I want to do is create.

I have put together a bunch of images from last years exhibition. (Thank you Bryan  for the following few images…)

The odditties

Australian ceramic artist  Belinda Stanton



…and just a couple more…



Thank you everyone who stopped by on opening night and throughout the week, I love you!!

…and thank you for the etsy after sales! I may still have a few things to filter through etsy, so if you’re interested, please check in from time to time. Some of these guys are still waiting for homes.


Speaking of etsy, I’m starting the year with a few new pieces in my Belinism Etsy shop. These guys have either just gone up in the last few days or will be up shortly.




That’s it for me but before I head back to the studio I’d like to share a photo of my new little ball of fluff. This is Earl, my new studio cat. As you can see, taking product photos has just gotten a little bit trickier. He wants to know what is going on with EVERYTHING. He certainly is a cat with curiosity.

Belinsim studio cat Earl

Wishing you all the best for the year ahead. Let’s make it a beautifully happy one :)


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Exhibition month

belinism exhibition 2014 b

I just can’t believe how fast this year has gone!! In just under 2 weeks my very first solo exhibition in Brisbane will be up and on display.

I honestly can’t explain the mixture of emotions I am feeling right now, the entire spectrum from terror to excitement. I really hope I can see some of you on opening night, I have sooo much to show you!! Opening night is Friday 26th of September, at the White Canvas Gallery in the Valley. So come along and soak up some ‘internal happiness’ while you enjoy drinks and nibbles with me.

belinism exhibition 2014

When I first decided to have an exhibition this year it was mainly due to the fact that I was turning 40. I didn’t really want a party (let’s face it, I didn’t really want to turn 40!) I just wanted to be me and be happy in my own skin and in my own life. To explore my creative urgings away from only making functional ware and being a graphic designer. I wanted to  play around with sculpture and altered wheel thrown shapes.

If there is anything I have learnt over the last 40 years it’s that we all need to find in ourselves a sense of internal happiness. That deep inner contentment that can be hard at times to find. I have made it a habit over the years to create happy to pick me up when I was feeling down. So calling the exhibition ‘internal happiness’ just made sense.

Thank you to everyone who has been following me in instagram and facebook over the last few months. Watching me build the pieces I’d hope to soon exhibit. For those who follow me on instagram… remember these guys? I was so worried that an arm would break of at some stage that I stopped posting images.

belinism exhibition 2014 a_making

Look! they finally made it through and amazingly still very much intact. Now all I have to do is keep them safe until the exhibition…

brisbane ceramic artist, belinda Stanton,  oddities

I feel very privileged to be able to work in my clay filled studio. It’s only small, but it has a wheel, a slab roller and a kiln. To me it’s heaven. I am also thankful for my family, who allow me to spend sooo much time in it :)

For more details on the exhibition please check out the White Canvas Gallery link and by all means if you know anyone who may appreciate a little internal happiness, please bring them along too.

There are a heap of events happening in Brisbane in the last week of September for the Brisbane festival, there’s even live music at Southbank on Saturday evening, maybe pop in for a drink at the Gallery and head down to listen to ‘Willow Beats’. Follow this link for more Brisbane festival info.

See you there :)

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Hello! I’m still here :)

bunny and bear vessel by belinda stanton

It’s been a while, I know…

The last few months have just been so crazy. Firstly thank you to everyone that stopped by my stall at the QAGOMO Winter Design Market recently. I love meeting the wonderful peeps that follow me in Instagram, Etsy and facebook. You are such a beautiful bunch of people :)

I’ll try not to drop off the radar over the next month or two as I prepare for my second solo exhibition. I’m very nervous and excited. It will be held at the White Canvas Gallery in the Valley for just a few short days over the last weekend in September. I hope some of you will join me for the opening night, Friday the 26th of September. I will post more details closer to the event.

I can’t wait to show you guys some of the groovy things I have been working on. There’s the Japanese inspired vessels above …and I’m just dyyyying to show you the new collection of little sculptures that have been building up in my studio. Below is a very small example. I have little faces looking up and me from every available studio surface :)

Ceramic firgures by Belin

Etsy has great this month. I have been trying to add new stock over the last week, I still have a few pieces to go up, like the funky chip and dip bowls featured below…

funky chip and dip bowls

Anyone following my instagram feed a while ago, will have noticed some photos of my experiments screen printing onto clay. I had the thermofax screen made for me by a lovely lady, Sally, in Tasmania. I did promise at the time to put up some more images on my blog… and here they are!

18_6_14_thermofax screen print_1

I really found it quite easy to use on a nice, freashly rolled (still wet) slab of stoneware then cutting and slumping the clay face down on a big bag of rice. I used glad wrap to protect the image from rubbing off while it was face down.

I was quite happy with the glazed result and when I get a free moment I will play around with it a bit more. This technique is really showing a lot of promise.

Screen printing of clay

Well, that’s me for the moment. My studio is beckoning me…

Have a great week and don’t forget to keep an eye on my facebook page for current exhibition info :)


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What a gorgeous Saturday morning…

Bunny noodle bowl by Belinism

I am writing a blog post this morning as housework looms in the background. OK, so a little housework avoidence is taking place at the Stanton household this morning ;) But what a beautiful Brissy morning it is.

I was completely enamoured by these beautiful pale blue eggs I was given earlier in the week (blue eggs were compliments of a friends araucana chicken, much appreciated). They were a beatiful prop for my bunny noodle bowls.  I don’t have many of these bowls in stock at the moment but I do have a few in my Etsy shop if you looking for a non-fattening easter treat for some one special.

Blue eggs in bunny noodle bowl  by belinda stanton

And here’s a little peek into the studio, I’ll be getting ready for the September exhibition over the next few months. I’ve continued to work on the ‘bead sisters’ sculpture set. Hopefully these will be in the kiln in the next week or two, I can’t wait to see how the glazed ‘beads’ are going to look after their final firing.

Work in progress by belinda stanton

While waiting for their clay bodies to harden up enough to carve (the sisters) I whipped up these cute bunny spoons. Such a fun little project to make. I think they could look great in deep window box frames. Definately worth playing with some more, maybe some miso spoons…


Wishing everyone a beautiful sunshiny weekend!

Now on with the housework… can avoid it no longer. Then maybe I can get outside to enjoy a bit of this glorious day :)

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March studio update

teapot illustration by belinda stanton

Woo, very busy again this month. Just thought I’d do a quick update.

I have been busy jotting ideas down for Septembers exhibition. I don’t know how many of these little sketches will make it to the ceramic stage but it is certainly fun playing around with ideas.

illustrations by belinda stanton

It was suggested on instagram that I reproduce a few of these sketches for people to purchase. So I thought ‘why not?’ I have heaps of these sketches hidden away in sketch dairies and normaly they never again see the light of day. So I am in the process of releasing a few of these illustrations, printed on lightweight watercolour paper, in my etsy store. All A4 prints will be $15 with Australian postage included. They come in a plastic sleeve, with a piece of backing cardboard ready to frame. The illustration below is already available to purchase in etsy (click image to take you to my Etsy shop).

Illustration by belinda stanton available in etsy

In other news, work has begun of some larger sculptural pieces, like the ‘bead sisters’ vases (image below).

march_new scultural work

…and this ornate planter was fun to carve…

Sculptural work by Belinda Stanton

She has such a peaceful demeanour :)

So that’s my quick update, have a great weekend folks!

I’ll leave you with this picture I took whilst in Stanthorpe for the ‘Stanthorpe art festival’. Its a picture of the main street in Stanthorpe at night, in preparations for the Stanthorpe Apple and Grape festival. Finalists in the art festival can be found here. Congratulations to the winner Dena Kahan, for her large painting piece. It was a great night and a credit to the organisers.

Stanthorpe main street

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Hello February… really? it’s February already?

Sculpture by Belinda Stanton

Wow, what a busy January! It’s hard to believe we are already one month into 2014.

Lots of fun things in the studio this month. The first thing I’m dying to tell you is that the above sculpture has been shortlisted in the Stanthorpe Art Festival! They will be on exhibit in the Stanthorpe art gallery from the 28th of February (opening night, Gala event) to the 13th of April. This exhibition coinsides with the Stanthorpe Apple and Grape. So excited to be a part of this exhibition, My husband grew up in Stanthorpe and we try to take a trip down every few years. It is such a beautiful country village with dozens and dozens of vinyards, b&b’s and restaraunts in the district. Come have a look. Stay for a weekend.

The other exciting news along that line, is that there will be an exhibition for me in September. Still working through the details, whether it will a solo or group, but the venue has been booked! My creative garden is ripening nicely. It’s going to be a fun exhibition :D

Hopefully I’ll have a nice little collection of these art vessels on show along with some of the more sculptural pieces I have been developing. This sweet bunny vessel is currently available on Etsy. The ad is quite sad. There are some more detailed images on Etsy (click on image below).

Art vessel by Belinda Stanton

Anyone following my instagram feed will have seen the pics below… I took a few photos during the making process of this little group of fiends (oops fRiends :). It sometimes amazes me how much time goes into each piece.

feb_blue bunny vessel_v2

…and if you are one of my facebook followers you may have seen this image of the little blue floral bunny…

blue floral bunny art vessel_v1

… and a peek at her other sides…

floral bunny art vessel by Belinda Stanton

Here are a few more shots of my Etsy store recent additions. The ‘Greenly blue’ bearekin is being held by the fairly large hands of my son. She holds about 2cups. There are quite a few new items (not shown here) newly listed at Belinism in Etsy.

feb etsy stock

And finally, to wrap things up, this is very un-ceramics orientated but we took our lovely old Springer Spaniel to the beach yesterday for an afternoon swim. She’s just turned 10 or 70 in dog years. Normally not one for water (or activity in general) ‘Awen’ loves the beach, the drive out in the car, the wind in her fur, the sand under her feet, the ebb and flow of the water, the other pooches to talk play with. Well, just everything about it really.

I posted this pic on instagram, one of my lovey followers commented – “Your furry friend running towards you… that’s joy right there :)”   and I just couldn’t agree more. Hopefully it will remind some of you that winter DOES end, but there have been two heat waves in Australia this month with average weekly temps in the low to mid 40′s (104 to 113 fahrenheit).


Have a lovely Sunday afternoon everyone :)

Here’s to a fabulous February!

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